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Micropol is one of the world’s most experienced companies in fiber optic applications for demanding environments, such as heavy industry. From offshore, forestry and mining to automated production.

Our offering to the Industry segment includes all key values that our customers in Defence & Security, Telecom and Medical Technology appreciate. In fact, the standard range developed for these segments is the basis for the products used by our Industry customers. For example, cables that can be bent more than 15 000 000 times are a great asset for our customers in the mining and offshore industry. Mostly combined with connectors developed for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Oil-resistant cables and components that can be used in temperatures varying from -55°C to +85°C are other benefits that these customers value. The ODFs and connectors for the Industry segment has been developed to withstand vibration throughout the whole temperature range, with the lowest attenuation on the market. This is often used in local networks for heavy machineries or in vehicles.

Our engineering ability – the mark of our technology leadership – is of course also accessible for our Industry customers. We combine our experience from some of the market’s toughest customer specifications to an offering that benefits customers with high demands and specific needs. From offshore and mining, to automated indoor production.

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Research and development are performed in our own facilities. We execute rigorous testing and never deliver a product before we are sure that it is of premium quality. In short: measuring is knowing.

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Our engineering ability is the mark of our technology leadership, offering key values to our customers in all business areas.

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