Micropol on stage at Norrskensgruppen´s technology days

With the core value "To deliver a fiber network that is reliable from the north to the south", Norrsken invited Magnus Sickeldal, Micropol's Key Account Manager Telecom & Broadcast, as speaker on the subject “Future proof products” at their technology days in Sundsvall.

The increasing demand for high speed optic infrastructure continues.  Sweden’s municipalities are soon reaching the Government’s target for the availability and speed of fiber networks, but far from all areas are ready for tomorrow’s user requirements.

Micropol’s fiber-optic components contribute to increased speeds in already existing networks, something that many city networks now demand in order to meet future requirements. Our time-saving solutions are of the highest quality and with our own top modern production facility in Halmstad, we guarantee short delivery times (standard 48 hours) and customized service. We cooperate with all major Swedish wholesalers but offer customized logistic agreements if requested.

Read more about our future proof products here.

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