We educate the fiber specialists of the Armed Forces

Micropol is the given choice when the Swedish Armed Forces Technical School (FMTS) appoints a supplier for training in fiber systems and fiber optics.

During four intensive days in February, Mikael Andersson, the Micropol R&D Director, leads a course with the aim of giving the participants increased knowledge of the fiber systems used in the armed forces. The program content ranges of everything from basic knowledge of fiber systems / optics to practical exercises in splicing, measuring and cleaning of fiber systems.

FMTS consists of a staff unit, a training unit, and a unit for functional development. The school educates technical personnel in the various military systems used in the armed forces, and purchases training services for specialist areas.

Micropol is proud to continuosly be appointed to deliver advanced technical training programs for the FMTS staff. Do not hesitate to contact us for any training need you might have, which will be tailored to your specific requirements.




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