World class through high quality fiber optic

Something we know for certainty about the future is that more information will be sent digitally. In Telecom & Broadcast, we offer key parts to networks where the quality requirements are the highest. Complex fiber optic networks simplified to connect people. At the speed of light.

Micropol provides solutions for passive fiber optic networks for data communication and telecom. Our fiber optic cables and connectors are used in data centers, backbones, core networks for data communication and TV-broadcast. We manufacture according to joint agreements or according to your requirements. All our optical cabling is produced in Sweden. And all products are thoroughly tested before delivery.

We are committed to quality and to make a difference for our customers. Since January 2020 Micropol is a Certified Supplier, qualified by the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen, SSNF). SSNF tests and qualifies high-quality suppliers, in order to facilitate the design, building and maintenance of the Swedish city networks. The goal is clear: the Swedish communities shall continue to provide world class level networks. Being a Certified Supplier offer additional trust to our customers as well as adding an important piece to our support portfolio, where e.g. customer training in Robust Fiber and maintenance programs are other examples.

About SSNF: A non-profit-making trade association for network owners who are actively engaged in the development of a broadband infrastructure. Swedish Local Fibre Alliance was established in 1998 and organize city networks as well as telecom suppliers and operators.

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