Falu Energi & Vatten

World famous – not only for skiing

The Municipality of Falun is world famous for several things – the Midsummer celebrations attracts visitors from all over Europe as is the annual cross-country ski events. In 2015, Falun hosted the FIS World Championships in cross country skiing – where the broadcast and communication systems were equipped with several Micropol solutions.

But Falun is also the home of one of the best equipped city fiber net-works in Sweden, thanks to good planning and a solid long-term infrastructure strategy. Falu Energi was an early adaptor of Micropol’s offering to the telecom business, where connectors and frames have been part of the scope of supply.

“By introducing Micropol’s components to our data centers, we have secured the future net quality offered to the inhabitants of Falun. We are happy to recommend Micropol to any city net operator aiming to offer the highest possible speed in their nets.”
Bertil Dikman, Project Manager at Falu Energi & Vatten

At Micropol, we are proud to be part of Falu Energi’s ambition to offer the best possible solutions to its inhabitants. After all, it is the delivery of the end users’ positive and trouble-free experience that is the common goal for both of us.