Areas of expertise

Our name “Micropol” is generated from “micro polishing” which is our mark – we polish fiber at a precision that few can copy. For this reason, our products have lower reflections and losses and can transfer higher data speed than our competitors, without additional cost. We pride ourselves for being the most innovative player in the market. This is why customers from all over the world turn to us for their fiber optical challenges. Micropol’s know-how in micro polishing is also what forms the foundation of our core Areas of Expertise.


Micropol was born through innovation and the Swedish Armed Force’s increasing demand for secure, compact and fast communication. One of the results is the FALCON expanded beam technology, which has the best optical performance on the market. Customer ranges from national armed forces to small and to multi national defence material suppliers like Saab, BAE Systems and Diehl Defence to whom we deliver built to specification components and systems. Our products and solutions are present below, on and above the surface.


We offer different kinds of sensor systems for a variety of applications. From optical fibers used for fluid detection in medical devices, to advanced systems for surveillance of fiber optic networks. The latter is increasingly important, as cyber security is a prioritized area for both armed forces, governments, public organizations, banks, and insurance companies. Micro polishing is part of the know-how, but also our 30 years of experience in photonics and fiber optics play an important part in our customer commitment to a secure data network.


As more data is transferred over fiber optics, the capacity of the existing and future fiber network is in focus globally, regardless of the customer is a domestic user, a company, or a data centre. Micropol offers a large range of customized and standard solutions, from pigtails and patch cords to pre-assembled ODFs, that can transfer higher data speed than any other supplier product on the market, all thanks to our expertise in micro polishing. Thanks to a well organized supply chain where our Swedish production facility is a key asset, we can offer state of the art quality control and shorter lead times than our competitors.

Civil Communication in Harsh Environments

Our expertise in tactical communication has supported us to develop a strong portfolio to the outside broadcast and industry customer segments. We will continue to develop solutions supporting arena events, mining, off-shore and heavy industry, using a large range of connectors, cables and hybrid solutions dedicated to the world’s toughest environments. We are a certified Lemo producer and a Scandinavian hub for their service and repair activities which allow us to offer economy of scale solutions also to other customers in outside broadcast.



In a critical situation, there is no room for failing data transfer. Data must flow undisturbed between the command site, radar station, and launchers. Read more about Micropol’s expanded beam fiber technology to provide reliable, high-quality data transfer defending the air space.