Our history

It started in the Swedish archipelago

On the morning of October 28, 1981, the Soviet submarine U 137 was reported by a fisherman to have ran aground in the Karlskrona archipelago. An event that became world news and suddenly put Sweden into an international crisis situation.

Anders Andersson, who was the founder of Micropol, was working at the time in the Royal Air Force F14, where he began his career as a radar technician and later educating others in this area. During the 1970’s, Anders read about a new technique called fiber optics. He realized, at this early stage, the future potential of fiber optics and requested with his superiors to increase his knowledge so that the Swedish Armed Forces could implement into use this revolutionary technique. Much to his regret the request did not generate much interest.

Whiskey on the rocks

But then the Karlskrona archipelago incident changed the future for Anders and fiber optics. The grounded Soviet submarine, known as a Whiskey type, brought a new focus of use and development of fiber optics in Sweden’s defense policy. Sweden, at the time, was assisted by the United States, who used fiber optics sonar in their own submarine hunts. But now Sweden would engage in its own development of fiber optics and Anders was commissioned to start up a fiber optic school at the Swedish Defense Forces Technical School FMTS (Försvarsmaktens Tekniska Skola) in Halmstad.

A new era, welcome to fiberspace

During the 1980’s, companies such as SSAB and Statoil became interested in the new technology of fiber optics. They contacted Anders who then took time off to launch his own consultation in fiber optic development.

This resulted in the founding of Micropol in 1988. The company grew and in 1996, it moved to its existing location in Åled. The development in fiber optics continued with the production of Micropol’s own products and with new, incoming customers, such as Ericsson and Alcatel. Since 2011, the company is run by Ander’s two sons, Patrik and Mikael. In the same year, Micropol’s own product, Falcon™ was launched within the Swedish Armed Forces. Falcon is one of the world’s toughest, expanded beam connectors for fiber optic systems used in harsh environments.

Throughout the 2000’s, the market for fiber optics and expanded beam technology continues to grow. Many competitors offer cheaper solutions, while Micropol delivers on the promise of high quality and customized solutions with exceptionally high precision.