Our history

It started in the Swedish archipelago

Micropol has delivered high quality fiber optic products and solutions for more than 30 years. However, the event that lay the foundation to the company dates even further back in time.

In the morning of October 28, 1981, the Soviet submarine U137 was reported to have ran aground in the Karlskrona archipelago, an event that became world news. Anders Andersson, the founder of Micropol, was working at the time in the Royal Air Force. During the 1970’s, Anders read about a new technique called fiber optics. He realized its future potential and requested with his superiors to invest time and funding to learn more. Much to his regret the request did not generate much interest.

The grounded Soviet submarine however, brought a light to the use of fiber optics as Sweden during the years to come, had to relate on US Navy sonar equipment, based on fiber optics. As the Swedish Armed Forces engaged in its own development of fiber optics, Anders was commissioned to build knowledge in the area and as a result, the Swedish Armed Forces’ Technical School FMTS (Försvarsmaktens Tekniska Skola) in Halmstad was founded. It is still operational and employs more than 400 military and civil professionals.

During the 1980’s, companies such as SSAB and Statoil became interested in utilizing fiber optics. They contacted Anders who was given the opportunity to employ his knowledge to the civil market. This resulted in the founding of Micropol in 1988. The company grew and in 1996, it moved to its existing location in Åled. The development in fiber optics continued with the introduction of Micropol’s own product range and with new, large customers, such as Ericsson and Alcatel. In 2011, one of Micropol’s major products within the defence and security customer segment was launched, the Falcon expanded beam connector. Since then, the Falcon-technology, offering extreme optic performance and the smallest foot-print on the market, is the product of choice for the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF). As a result, Micropol has expanded its customer range to several defence and security globals.

During the 2000’s, the fiber optic market has continued to grow. In parallel to the defence and security segment, Micropol’s offering is adding value to customers within telecom, broadcast, medical technology, off-shore, mining and industry.


Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

We polish fiber at a precision that few can copy. For this reason, our products have lower reflections and losses and can transfer higher data speed.


Micropol Fiberoptic is one of the most experienced companies in the world when it comes to fiber optic applications for demanding environments.