No environment is hostile enough

When the Swedish Armed Forces enter critical and hostile situations on land, sea or air, it is Micropol’s fiber optic technology that keeps systems connected.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (in Swedish: Försvarets Materielverk, FMV) introduced fiber optics to the Swedish Armed Forces in the early 1980’s. Since then Micropol has partnered with FMV in developing passive fiber optic components for extreme environments. Their non-standard and demanding specifications include testing the components for sub-water functionality, as well as battle tank weight exposure. Much of Micropol’s advanced technology that is available for the civil market has its origin from products developed for the Swedish Armed Forces.

One example is the fiber optic technology developed for the FALCON expanded beam connector. This product is a result of a long and close cooperation between Micropol and FMV. It is used by the Swedish Armed Forces where rugged components are a requirement.

Certificate Of Conformity
Certificate Of Conformity
“The Swedish Optical Communication System (FOKS) is since 2012 based on connectors from Tyco Electronics. However, the demands from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) regarding even lower insertion loss and higher reflection attenuations demanded for a new expanded beam lens technology. Today this lens technology is referred to as FALCON. The FOKS system is quite more stringent than the US standard, when it comes to ruggedized handling of the tactical fiber optical cable system. In addition, the system involving the FALCON technology shows performance values that are better than specification when it comes to for example attenuation values and attenuations of reflections.”
From “Certificate of Conformity” FMV

This is a partnership that continues and Micropol is proud to continuously being offered the opportunity to supply the Swedish Armed Forces.

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