Kungälv Energi

When speed is everything

If “www” means “world wide wait” where you live, then living in Kungälv will offer a new, high speed connectivity experience for you.

Kungälv Energi is a company owned by the Municipality of Kungälv. It owns the local city fiber net offering internet connections to its inhabitants. Being in the forefront of the internet explosion, Kungälv Energi offers today 78% of its households 100 Mbits/s or more. Comparing that to the Swedish government’s target of a 95% household availability of 100 Mbit/s by 2025 it is easy to understand why Kungälv Energi is considered a leading pioneer in city fiber networks.

“Micropol’s connectors and frames help us to increase the speed in our data infrastructure, and reduced lead time for delivery and support. We are extremely pleased with the service and quality delivered by Micropol.”
Lisa Tegborg Deij, Business Area Manager at Kungälv Energi

Micropol has delivered passive fiber optic components to Kungälv Energi since 2016. We are continuing to supply and support them, the municipality’s household and enterprises with a reliable and fast fiber net connectivity.