Certified Service & Distribution Partner to LEMO

Micropol is a proud preferred partner to LEMO, meaning we are a service hub for certified reparations and sales in Sweden.

All LEMO sales subsidiaries and production plants are integrated in a unique global quality management system. This continuously improving system guarantees a level of service and quality that meets the highest customer requirements. LEMO products are designed and manufactured according to rigorous and controlled processes. Inspection and traceability of products are systematically ensured in compliance with LEMO standards.

You can rest assured that your connectors will be in good hands. At Micropol we perform termination, polishing and rigorous testing of all LEMO connectors.

Cabel solutions for events and broadcasting

The reliability of LEMO cables makes them suitable for use in broadcast and audio-visual applications, ensuring high-quality signal transmission in professional audio and video equipment.

Hybrid cables

The most common LEMO cables we work with at Micropol is the SMTPE 3K.93C hybrid version. LEMO offers hybrid cables that incorporate a combination of different elements within a single cable assembly. Hybrid cables are designed to transmit multiple signals or power in a single, compact, and efficient package.

Hybrid cables from LEMO typically combine various elements such as electrical contacts, optical fibers, and power conductors within a single cable. This allows for the simultaneous transmission of different types of signals or power over a single cable assembly.

A wide variety of connectors

LEMO's connectors are renowned for their reliability, durability, and customization options. LEMO offers a range of connectors, including circular push-pull connectors, modular connectors, and coaxial connectors. The most common LEMO connector we work with at Micropol is LEMO 3K.93C - SMTPE Hybrid, which is a robust hybrid fiber optic connector that guarantees certified signal integrity.

Original Push-Pull connector

LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging applications including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO push-pull connectors are a type of precision connector known for their unique push-pull coupling mechanism. This design allows for easy and secure connections without the need for twisting or threading, making them well-suited for applications where quick and reliable connections are essential. The push-pull design allows for quick and secure connections, making them suitable for applications where reliability and ease of use are crucial.

Certified service center for LEMO products

In over a decade have Micropol been certified as a service center for LEMO connectors and cables, which means Micropol fulfills the criteria set by LEMO that ensure high quality, technical competence, and customer service in assembly and maintenance of LEMO products. We are also certified to assemble and repair SMTPE cables from LEMO.

What does it mean to be a Certified Service Partner to LEMO?

Technical competence

Certified Service Partners are expected to have a high level of technical competence in the assembly, repair, and maintenance of LEMO connectors and cable assemblies. This involves specialized training and expertise.

Quality standards

Certified Service Partners are required to adhere to LEMO's quality standards to ensure that the assembly and maintenance processes meet the specifications and expectations set by LEMO.

Authorized Access to LEMO Components

Certified Service Partners have authorized access to genuine LEMO components, ensuring that repairs and assemblies use authentic LEMO parts.

Customer Support

Certified Service Partners are expected to provide excellent customer support, addressing inquiries, offering technical assistance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Authorized distribution

As certified Service Partner, this ensures that customers have access to genuine LEMO components for their projects.

About LEMO

LEMO is a Swiss company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision connectors and cable solutions. They are known for providing high-quality connectors primarily for applications in challenging environments, such as medical, industrial, military, and telecommunications.

Some key areas where LEMO connectors are commonly used include:

Medical devices: LEMO connectors are widely used in medical devices and equipment, such as diagnostic tools, imaging devices, and surgical instruments.

Test and Measurement Equipment: The precision and durability of LEMO connectors make them suitable for test and measurement applications.

Military and Aerospace: LEMO connectors meet the stringent requirements of the military and aerospace industries, where reliability and performance are critical.

Industrial applications: In industrial settings, LEMO connectors are employed in various applications, including automation, robotics, and instrumentation.

Telecommunications: LEMO connectors are utilized in telecommunications infrastructure for reliable and high-performance connectivity.