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Reliable cable systems and expanded beam connectors need to perform in severe situations, like the Antarctic ice or Saharan heat. They can’t be stopped by clay, mud or dust or being run over by cars and lorries. We know the requirements for high performance in harsh environments.

Micropol manufactures and supplies cable systems with rugged, high-quality field cables that can cope with extreme temperatures. Lengths range from a few decimeters to up to several kilometers. We offer different types of expanded beam connectors, both for single-mode and multimode. Take for example our Falcon connector which is used for harsh military and aerospace environments. They are all hermaphroditic, and always connect correctly without any adapter needed.

We have a large stock of field cables, cable winders and rugged connectors, which means short delivery times. And we develop and design customized connectors suitable for precisely your application. You can always be sure we have the latest technology in measuring instruments including interferometers, OBR (also called OFDR) to guarantee top quality.

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Research and development are performed in our own facilities. We execute rigorous testing and never deliver a product before we are sure that it is of premium quality. In short: measuring is knowing.

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High performance solutions and service, together with close customer relations. The reward is a long-term cooperation with our customers.


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