• 1–16 fiber
  • Mounted on cable reel
  • Split with fanout cable
  • Insertion loss < 1,2 dB
  • Approved by the Swedish Armed Forces
  • Connector size: mini, junior, senior
  • 15 000 000 bendings at 30 mm radius
  • Operational temperature range from -40C to +85C

Mission ready for extreme conditions

Cable assemblies developed and manufactured in Sweden. Fulfills the toughest specifications of harsh environment fiber optic systems in the world today. Micropol is the natural choice for the Swedish Defense Material Administration, FMV when it comes to manufacturing new rugged systems.

In the early 1980s the Swedish Armed Forces decided for a fiber optical tactical system specifically designed for use in all environments around the world. The expanded beam technology was chosen as the technology of the future because of its unique and reliable functionality in harsh environments.

This product can either be fully assembled on a cable reel and in cable lengths of your choice with Falcon™ connectors or as fanout cables.

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