Repair kit

Repair kit

Repair kit tailor made for harsh environments

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A complete repair kit tailored for your specific needs out in the field. Made to endure harsh environments without compromising on high quality and easy handling. Micropol are using Corning CamSplice™ mechanical splice recommended for indoor and outdoor use. This product is ideal for emergency repair work.


  • Easy handling
  • Quick and reliable
  • No adhesive or epoxy required
  • Designed for difficult installation scenarios
  • Custom foam interior
Part. number Available case colors Case outer material Dimensions mm
MP-FRK-Jr-4ch-SM-001 Green Injection Molded HPX™
high performance resin
MP-FRK-Jr-4ch-SM-002 Black Injection Molded HPX™
high performance resin
MP-FRK-Jr-4ch-SM-003 Yellow Injection Molded HPX™
high performance resin


Part. number Name Quantity
MP-M2500 Pelicase M2500 Stormcase (551x358x226mm) 1pcs
MP-PFF Pliers for fiber 125/250/600/900µ 1pcs
MP-PP-06-2,6 Perforated pliers 0,6-2,6mm 1pcs
MP-SAX Scissor 1pcs
MP-PEN Marker pen 1pcs
RF-POC03M Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner 1pcs
MP-SPB Small plastic bottle 1pcs
MP-BK13 Block key 13 1pcs
MP-BK19 Block key 19 1pcs
MP-SS Small Sidecutter 1pcs
MP-JCK Jokkari Cabel knife 1pcs
MP-L542 Loctite threadlock 542 1pcs
MP-R150 Ruler 150mm 1pcs
MP-SD Screwdriver PH0 3 1pcs
MP-MAN Manual 1pcs
MP-FOKS-P/OEIIS FOKS4-P-5m/Open end-including Splicebox 2pcs
MP-FOKS-P/EIS FOKS4-P-5m/Open end-including Splicebox 1pcs
MP-SFCS Splicebox for cable splice 1pcs
MP-BB Black bag 1pcs
MP-TW Tweezers 1pcs
MP-THDG Tape Heavy-Duty grade 1pcs
MP-CSAT CamSplice Assembly tool 1pcs
RF-WFW Refill Cleanwipes 90st Servetter 1pcs
MP-EC Easycleaver 1pcs
AK-1,5 Allen key 1,5mm 1pcs
129467 CamSplice™ Mechanical Splice 6/pack 2pcs