• Operating temperature -55 to +85°C
  • IP67
  • Tailor-made
  • Vehicle approved
  • Modular

Rugged ODF boxes for rough conditions and vibrations

Micropol Military ODFs (Optical Distribution Frame) are used as connection panels in fiber optic cable systems. We manufacture and supply customized cable systems with rugged, high quality field cables that can resist shaky environments with a lot of vibrations, as well as Antarctic ice and Saharan heat.

Micropol has been developing expanded beam technology since the late 1980s. We offer a number of different types of expanded beam connector, both for Single Mode and Multi Mode. They are all hermaphroditic, so they are always connected correctly, without adapter.



We have large stocks of field cables, cable winders and rugged connectors. Regardless of whether you require cable fittings, chassis fittings or a tailor-made application that contains them both we have short delivery times. We also develop and design connectors suitable for your particular application.

Defence & security

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