Micropol Fiberoptic celebrates 35 year anniversary

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Micropol Fiberoptic. The journey started in Anders Andersson garage in the village of Åled on the Swedish West Coast in 1988.

Micropol Fiberoptic celebrates 35 year anniversary

Since its inception in 1988 Micropol Fiberoptic has been in the forefront of fiber optical development and presented several innovations that has changed the industry.

The most well known being the FALCON expanded beam connector that was presented in 2013 and has been a key milestone in the company’s development and long relationship with the Swedish Armed Forces.  

The company is now growing rapidly and today employs 42 people.
This weekend Micropol Fiberoptic celebrated its 35th year anniversary together with its employees and families.

World Class Air Defence

26 February 2024

Micropol Fiberoptic is proud to announce the cooperation with German defence company, Diehl Defence.