Micropol deliveres automatic cable drum for combat boat 90

Micropol has a long tradition of cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces. This time, it has resulted in a new product – an automatic cable drum to be used for the communication antenna onboard Combat Boat 90.

Micropol deliveres automatic cable drum for combat boat 90

The first draft of the cable drum design was presented already in 2020 when the mid-life upgrade project of the Swedish Combat Boat 90-system started. Combat Boat 90 joined the Swedish Armed Forces already in the beginning of the 90’s and has continuously been developed to include a number of different versions. In total, Sweden operates more than 100 units, and the fleet is used for both costal combat and personnel transportation. The system has been exported to six other countries, for example USA and Norway.

Cable reel on combat boat 90

Challenging technical specification

The most important features included into the specification, was the need to operate the drum from the bridge. The communication cable need to follow the vertical movement of the mast, without having to be supported manually or adding any external force to the mast’s hydraulic system.

The cable drum is designed to endure hostile environments, including large temperate difference, ice and snow, saltwater exposure, g-forces up to 10G, as well as being self-draining.

Even though the cable drum’s design is adopted to Combat Boat 90, its features make it ideal for use in any costal or offshore environment.

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World Class Air Defence

26 February 2024

Micropol Fiberoptic is proud to announce the cooperation with German defence company, Diehl Defence.