Micropol delivers FALCON to the royal Netherlands air force

The first defence and trade agreement between the Netherlands and Sweden was signed already in 1614. Today we are pleased to announce that Micropol has been selected to provide the FALCON expanded beam system to the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Much thanks to the exceptional optical performance of the FALCON, but also due to surveillance and communication specialist SurCom International, who are representing Micropol in the Netherlands.

Micropol delivers FALCON to the royal Netherlands air force

SurCom International supports the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Armed Forces as well as special units and security services in the military and public sector. Micropol is a technology leader in passive fiber optics and have worked with the Swedish Armed Forces since 1990. Together, Micropol and SurCom will deliver mobile CPUs containing 6 pcs of 2-channel FALCON connectors to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.“The cooperation with SurCom is important for Micropol and is part of our strategy to reach more customers in Europe, the Middle East and North America”, says Peter Ljungkvist CEO at Micropol.SurCom International have a dynamic portfolio with carefully selected products and systems from the world’s leading and most innovative defence related industries. Furthermore, SurCom is a well-established system integrator who is frequently utilized by the Netherlands Armed Forces for system upgrades and communication solutions.“When Ministry of Defence asks us to engineer customized solutions to their challenge we always look for the very best parts to use. Being able to procure military grade fiber optics direct from a manufacturer in Europe, and being allowed to inspect the whole process is a huge benefit when pursuing a sustainable and accountable business process. The cooperation with Micropol has been great from the initial contact.”, says Michel van der Hartt Technical Account Manager at SurCom International.

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World Class Air Defence

26 February 2024

Micropol Fiberoptic is proud to announce the cooperation with German defence company, Diehl Defence.