Air defence


High-performance fiber technology – key to secure data transfer

In a critical situation, there is no room for failing data transfer. Data must flow undisturbed between the command site, radar station and launchers. You can trust Micropol’s expanded beam fiber technology to provide reliable, high-quality data transfer.

Safer air defense system with longer fiber lengths

Micropol’s expanded beam fiber technology improves the performance of data transmission for air defense systems. It also allows you to increase the cable length and distance between the command center, radar station and launchers, thanks to its low insertion losses.

The longer the distance between each unit, the less detrimental the effects of a potential attack on your weapon system. However, the longer the fiber cables, the greater the insertion losses and the higher the risk of failed data transmission. With its exceptionally low insertion losses, Micropol’s expanded beam system allows for long cable lengths and multiple cable connections – without jeapardizing data transmission performance.

Contactless technology

In a conventional fiber-optic network, contacts are usually a weak link in the chain. As the fiber ends in these cables are in physical contact with each other, dust or contamination may disturb the data transfer. There will also be friction between the fiber ends which will inevitably cause wear, reduce performance and shorten the lifespan of the cable system.

Smart optical lenses

With Micropol’s unique lens technology, the fiber ends are not in physical contact. Instead, a lens in front of the fiber-end is used to expand and collimate the light into a mating connector. Thus the light passes over a small gap between the two lenses, which reduces the risk of failing data transfer and wear of the fiber ends.

Micropol has gradually perfected the technology over many years. Thanks to deep insights into fiber optics, materials technology and production systems, we have managed to optimize the performance of the lenses and minimize insertion losses in air defense systems.

Eliminating the weak link

It is easy to take the highest quality of military-graded equipment for granted. You should be able to expect a MIL-classified fiber to cope with heavy-duty operation in the field. But dust or contaminants will eventually infuse the connectors, cause wear and shorten the lifespan of the fiber network. With Micropol’s Expanded beam technology, you avoid data transfer errors and ensure your air-defense system is securely operational at all times.

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