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Communication is crucial for any tactical unit, which makes your fiber network mission critical. Micropol offers a full range of MIL-graded fiber-optical network solutions, supporting all types of tactical communication – from sensitive voice traffic to radar data.

High-integrity network solutions

Micropol’s fiber solutions deliver high-integrity voice and data communication in various tactical applications. They connect troops separated by distance, interlink combat command with mobile battlefield units, and unite your tactical capabilities in the field.

Full range of fiber solutions

We offer a full range of fiber-optical solutions, available in many varieties with different connectors, dimensions, number of channels, etc. You can securely separate different types of traffic, such as sensitive voice and data traffic, in different channels. Our large number of products also means a Micropol fiber network is a future-proof investment, flexible enough to meet changing needs over time.

The weight advantage

Optical fiber has gradually replaced copper wire for transferring voice and data for tactical communications, and is today the dominating technology. One obvious advantage of fiber over copper is its lower density, allowing for a considerably lower weight per cable length – simplifying handling and deployment in the field.


Military in the Swedish woods with backpack with tactical reel R-105
Military in the Swedish woods with backpack with tactical reel R-105

Checking the cable in advance

Micropol offers a unique solution to check the cable’s function in advance. Using a proprietary measuring tool, you can measure the insertion loss of each section of cable. This helps to ensure the quality of the cable before deploying it in the field, or before storage. Measuring is also a way to assess the possible cable length in advance, optimizing deployment and saving valuable time.

Network invisible to the enemy

When a copper wire transmits data, magnetic and electrical fields are generated along its extension. This lights up the wire, making it visible from a long distance and therefore at risk of detection and enemy attack. In contrast, information in fiber cables is transferred using light pulses, hence fiber does not emit any electromagnetic radiation.

Secure against eavesdropping or intrusion

It is however possible to eavesdrop fiber-optical data traffic at close range. As surveillance equipment is becoming increasingly advanced, attempts at eavesdropping or intrusion will increase. To counter this threat, Micropol developed a unique surveillance alarm system CAMO, which immediately detects any attempt at eavesdropping, enabling you to rapidly address the situation.

Fiber for the field

Tactical fiber networks must be designed specifically for use in the field. They must withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment. Micropol’s fiber solutions are extremely rugged, designed to cope with repeated twisting, bending and even being run over by vehicles or machinery.

Smart connector technology

Connectors are a potentially weak spot in a fiber network. Conventional fiber-optical connectors are sensitive to dust or moist intrusion, which has a negative effect on the quality of the data traffic. Micropol addressed the problem by perfecting the expanded beam technology, solving the problem with particle intrusion in fiber connectors.

Long-distance capability

A fiber network must ensure that data quality is maintained end to end, even over long distances. Micropol is renowned for the very low insertion loss of its fiber systems, allowing for multiple joint cable sections and a long total cable length. This offers tactical units the freedom to deploy their tactical where preferable, while reducing the risks associated with close proximity between different tactical equipment.

Preferred supplier to leading defense organizations

Micropol’s solutions are trusted by many renowned defense organizations and material providers for their capability to provide secure tactical communications. We are a preferred supplier of fiber optics to the Swedish armed forces and to Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, a leading supplier of air defense systems.

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