Sometimes, it can be a matter of life and death

Quality and reliability are crucial for patient safety. This makes close relationships with a good understanding of customer needs very important. Micropol’s offering to the Medical Technology market segment is as far from standard as one can get.

Micropol has built its reputation as a technology leader in the area of passive fiber optics much due to our engineering expertise. Our long history of customer application engineering is used by customers whom are operational in everything from liquid detection, to minimal invasive surgery.

Our success is based on an ability to customize, and by doing so, adding value to our customers by offering more complex and compact solutions than any other supplier on the market. This becomes even more evident within the Medical Technology area, where 100% of our deliveries are based on customized solutions, tailored to fit every customer’s individual need. Or the patient’s needs for that matter. Because in the end of the day, it is for the care takers we are making the biggest difference.

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Research and development are performed in our own facilities. We execute rigorous testing and never deliver a product before we are sure that it is of premium quality. In short: measuring is knowing.

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High performance solutions and service, together with close customer relations. The reward is a long-term cooperation with our customers.

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