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Something we can say with certainty about the future is that more information will be sent digitally. In Telecom & Broadcast, we often sell to key parts of the network where quality requirements are the highest. Complex fiber optic networks to connect people. At the speed of light.

We provide solutions for passive fiber optic networks for data communication and telecom. Our fiber optic cables and connectors are used in data centers, backbones, core networks for data communication and TV-broadcast. We manufacture according to joint agreement or according to your requirements. All of our optical cabling is produced in Sweden. And all products are thoroughly tested before delivery.

We offer time-saving solutions of high quality. Such as patch cords, pre-manufactured optical distribution frames (ODF) and interconnection cables. You name IT, we make IT. And we have the capacity to manufacture in both large and small volumes. Micropol`s state of the art polishing technique will guarantee the highest degree of product satisfaction.

Micropol is a certified partner to LEMO Nordic for repair and refurbishing of LEMO and MX connectors and cables, with customers from all Nordic countries.


Research and development are performed in our own facilities. We execute rigorous testing and never deliver a product before we are sure that it is of premium quality. In short: measuring is knowing.

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