• Travel safe
  • Easy handling
  • For cleaning on the go
  • Quick and reliable
  • Cost efficient
  • Cleaning kit

Developed to clean fiber optic networks

Cleaning kit and tools developed to help service technicians to clean fiber optic networks at the best, most reliable way and at the best price.

A connector can be damaged for many different reasons. Unprotected end surfaces can be damaged by sharp dirt particles, dust particles, liquids or various types of vapors that condense on the fibre surface. However, it is easy to avoid the most common damage when handling the fiber equipment. Ensure that the fiber you are cleaning is never in operation, cleaning fluids evaporate immediately at output levels as low as about +15 dBm or 32 milliwatts, which causes microexplosions in the cleaning material. This means that microscopic residues are deposited that absorb additional light, thus accelerating the damage to the fiber surface.

Cleaning kit

Contains no hazardous substances that require extra paperwork and additional costs in air transport. The cleaning liquid is travel safe and self extinguishing. Non hygroscopic cleaning fluid to clean glass and plastic optical fiber, POF. (A hygroscopic liquid absorbs moisture from ambient air leading to dirt particles contaminating the liquid. Which can cause scratches on the fiber surface.) The Cleaning kit also contains a refill list for easy ordering of additional items when needed.

Content: Cleaning sticks, cleaning cloths, cleaning liquids, torch.
Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 cm.
Weight: 0.78 kg.

Add to advantage cleaning tool “One click pen”

A mechanical cleaning tool designed to clean opto connectors in ODFs or adapters. Equipped with a first class cleaning wire designed to easily and safely remove dirt from the contact surface. Cleans with a click. Extendible for access to hard to reach areas. Suitable for telecom centers, data centers, CATV, FTTx-networks, outside broadcasting, military and civil aviation industry.
Quantity of cleanings per pen: 525+ (MTP/MPO 600+).

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