• FALCON Mini 1–4, Junior 1-12, Senior 1-16
  • Insertion loss < 1,2 dB
  • Operating temperature -55 to +85°C, +100°C optional.
  • Single Mode/Multi Mode
  • Hermaphroditic
  • IP67
  • Backward compatible according to your specification

The smallest expanded beam connector on the market

The FALCON expanded beam connector is approaved by the Swedish Ministry of Defence. All FALCON systems can be backward compatible with the existing expanded beam connectors available today.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces realized in the early 1980s that they had to rely on a fiber optical tactical system specially designed for use in all environments around the world. The expanded beam technology was chosen as the future technology because of its unique and reliable functionality in harsh environments.

Mission ready

Our technology makes it possible to tailormade optical links according to your needs and produce the FALCON connector that by far has the best optical performance in the world.

Tested to meet the world’s toughest specification

The FALCON connector is the toughest specification of harsh environment fiber optic systems in the world. For use in tactical military ground communications, oil and gas seismic systems, broadcast systems, mining & tunneling equipment and naval applications. Part of this specification is today forming the American spec. M83526/20&21.

Made in Sweden

The FALCON connector is developed and manufactured in Sweden, making short lead times possible. We have a delivery time of 2–4 weeks.

Defence & security