• Fast and easy focus
  • Change tips in seconds
  • Inspect patchcord (male)
  • Inspect in-adapter connectors (female)
  • USB option
  • Active fiber viewing option

Portabel and eye-safe inspection

For rapid inspection of fiber optic connectors. Designed for easy use on the field and with a large variety of adapter tips, allowing you to view almost any connector in any location.

Clear and sharp images. Rapid inspection of both male and female connectors. Eye-safe inspection with a portable microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination. Can also provide you with automatically centered Analysis Reports and Summary Reports in Excel or Text.

A built-in patchcord cleaner helps keep hands free, and the optional USB output enables you to capture and store images on your PC. A variety of tips, both PC and APC, are available for some models. Standard, extended reach, 60° angled and ribbon fiber (MPO) tips are also available.

Defence & security


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