The POFs are made in-house in Åled, Sweden.

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At Micropol we have a very high delivery capacity of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), thanks to our own manufacturing facility and stock keeping.

The POFs are made in-house in Åled, Sweden. This fact means reliability, high quality and short lead times. We have a large capacity to keep POFs in stock and we are supplier independent regarding the selection of connectors. It is up to our customers to choose connectors like HFBR, V-pin, SMA, F-SMA, SC, SC-RJ or Tosslink.

We are constantly striving to be a flexible partner that delivers high performance solutions and products to our customers.


  • Patch cord
  • Taylormade solutions
  • Premanufactured jumper cable assembly
  • Delivery in 48h
  • Approved by ABB
  • POF-splitter