Splice sleeve ribbon

Splice sleeve ribbon

Splice sleeves are used to protect the sensitive weld joint. The sleeves are designed to eliminate the appearance of air bubbles, microbows and fiber breaks.

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The sleeve is threaded onto one fiber before welding and is shrunk firmly centered over the weld joint afterwards.

The sleeves consist of an inner sleeve of hot melt adhesive that surrounds the fiber and the primary cover / matrix, a built-in longitudinal ceramic rod that protects against bending and an outer sleeve of shrink tubing.


  • Transparent color
  • Splice sleeves are pre-shrunk to minimize time and ensure proper shrinkage. Handle with care and protect from dirt
  • Packed in a bag - 50 or 100 pcs 


  Dimensions (shrinked splice) Interior dimension (before shrinkage) Dimension splice
Ribbon 5,0 x 3,0 mm 3.6 x 1,0 mm 4,0 x 1,8 mm