High-density Cabling System

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URM NG - Cable system with high density

IT-infrastructure is subject to rising standards due to the objective of uninterrupted operation. Speed and performance are the deciding criteria that secure your long-term power to compete.
The preterminated fiber-optic cabling system URM NG was developed with this in mind and convinces with excellent advantages. You profit from the highest security, minimal investments, efficient maintenance and future compatibility. Fast setup and modular components lead to considerably faster commissioning of the overall system. With its optimized selection of components, URM NG guarantees the easiest way to migrate to 100/200/400 G - replacing the patch cables is all there is to it.


  • Tailor-made
  • Future proof
  • Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
  • Excellence in economy
  • High performance
Connectors Multi-fiber connectors based on precision ceramic ferrules with 8 or 2 fibers; connector interface according to IEC 61754-34
Adapters Metal adapter with ceramic sleeves for 8 fibers at the same size as for SC Duplex
Trunk Preterminated with 2 up to 192 fibers, suitable for Plug & Play installation
Patch panels & racks Patch panels for up to 192 fibers in 1RU 19” ODF, module-based sub-racks for up to 1152 fibers in 6RU.
2x more fibers compared to LC contact & height unit (SC-48 fiber).
4x more fibers compared to SC contact & height unit (LC-96 fiber).

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