• For heavy duty use
  • 1–384 fiber
  • Operating temperatur -55°C to +85°C
  • Vertical installation
  • High flex, up to 15 million bends
  • Rodent resistant

Fiber optic cable for all applications

Micropol is the Swedish distributor of OCC fiber cable. Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is a leading cable manufacturer of secondary buffered fiber cable and is based in Roanoke, USA, where production takes place. We are proud of the close cooperation that has developed between Micropol and OCC since the late 1980s.

Micropol sells fiber optic cable and proprietary multi-fiber cabling for use in data rooms, backbones, core networks but also in tough environments such as oil and gas, military, offshore and the mining industry. Manufacture takes place according to joint agreement or according to your requirements. All our pre-manufactured cabling is produced in Sweden.

A great range of cable applications

UD: Indoor/outdoor tight-buffered cable design for use in installations requiring a flame-retardant, low-smoke and zero-halogen cable.

Breakout: Low-smoke cable suitable for indoor and outdoor applications requiring an rugged cable where mechanical and environmental protection are necessary. It is the easiest cable to install where direct termination of the subcable to a connector and a direct run to panels and equipment are desired.

Ribbon: For indoor/outdoor installation. Slotted core design, which enables a cable with superior fiber protection. Each of the six slots contains 14 ribbons of the 4-fiber type. Completely dielectric, can be installed in environments where there can be electrical interference, for example adjacent to power lines. Fast welding time.

Loose tube: A concentric core cable enabling a cost effective solution for indoor/outdoor installation. Each tube contains up to 12 fibers, and the cable up to 12 tubes. Completely dielectric. Dry water blocking tape prevents water penetration along the cable.

Heavy Duty: Tactical cable that is ideal for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. The cable can be run over by cars, attached to the wall, clamped on the wire or hung vertically – up to 2 km in a single attachement point.

Extreme heavy duty: Ground-tactical cables are ideal for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. Ideal for applications that require termination of the subcables to a connector.

Defence & security

Telecom & broadcast


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