Space & time saving ODF

04 March 2021

Our new ODF Lightframe Modular is developed to meet the demands of the future. Lack of space continues to be a challenge when fibernets expand. Lightframe Modular is a surface efficient solution which creates more space in nodes och datacenters.

Micropol and Sachsenkabel continue cooperation

11 February 2021

Continuing the business relation between Micropol and Sachsenkabel, which originates from 2019, our two companies has decided to agree on a long term production and sales cooperation of the Sachsenkabel URM system (You Are Modular).

Comtel Electronics to represent Micropol in the UK

12 January 2021

At Micropol, we first connected with Comtel Electronics in 2019, when we met in Micropol’s stand at DSEI in London. We soon came to realize the potential of the company and have since then done business with Comtel in both Germany and Israel, serving the Defence & Security and Medical Device customer segments.

High speed fiber optics

18 December 2020

Micropol is a certified service hub for FUW/PUW caballing from LEMO Nordic. We repair a large number of cables each year, and some deliveries are more important than others. Like this time, where the cables are to be used at the Monte Carlo rally.

Electrical cable drum for harsh environments by Micropol

25 November 2020

Product development has been the key to Micropol’s success since the foundation of the company in 1988. In many cases, the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) has been the end user. The introduction of our new mechanical cable drum is based on that experience and is designed for extreme environments, both civil and military.

Welcome Mattias Hallin

12 October 2020

We are expanding our knowledgeable and dedicated R&D department. Mattias Hallin started his service with us on September 1, 2020, as R&D Designer - Mechanical Engineer.

Micropol goes Israel, thanks to Comtel

15 September 2020

One of Micropol’s most recent international partners is Comtel Israel – a perfect match partnership. Comtel has very effectively introduced Micropol to the Israel market by penetration campaigns and the usage of numerous publicity channels.


17 August 2020

When the Swedish Armed Forces enter critical and hostile situations on land or sea, it is Micropol’s fiber optic technology that keeps systems connected. Since the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) introduced fiber optics to the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) in the early 1980’s, Micropol has partnered with FMV in developing passive fiber optic components for extreme environments.