Increased interest in the Micropol Motorized Cable Drum

In 2020, Micropol introduced an motorized cable drum especially designed for fiber optic cable connection in harsh environments. The system has over the two years since introduction gained increasing interest and new systems are continuously delivered.

Increased interest in the Micropol Motorized Cable Drum

In situations where operations need to be performed with risk to personal health and safety, robots are sometimes used to minimize the risk for injuries. Radio controlled robots are often used, but under extreme conditions, below ground level or in radioactive environments, threaded communication is a must to limit risks for non-communication due to for example radiation. The possibility to operate under radio silence is also important for military customers, to avoid detection.

The Micropol cable drum secures a safe management of the cable during operations, without limiting the maneuverability. The cable drum automatically distributes the cable depending on the robots movement forward or backward. The cable used is identical to the one Micropol delivers to the SAF, which has an impressive specification, allowing the cable to bend more than 15.000.000 times at radius 30 mm and to hang free for 2000 m with proportions and optical performance intact. The system utilizes Micropol’s FALCON technology, a compact expanded beam contact with the world’s best optical performance. The FALCON is the perfect fit, as it is specified to be operational under the most demanding environments existing. The first customer, who has asked for anonymity, was a global Sweden based company, specialized in robots for harsh environments. The major products are designated for construction demolition, but the Defence & Security sector is also an important customer segment, just as it is for Micropol.

This project is a typical example on how Micropol is cooperating with it’s customers to create value in new segments” says Mikael Andersson, Director R&D at Micropol. “We are often asked to solve problems that has challenged engineers and traditional suppliers. We offer more than 30 years of experience within the field of passive fiber optics to our customers and there are few problems which we cannot offer a solution to. The fact that we operate our own full-scale production, clean room environment and R&D laboratory, is of course also important factors.”

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Kids and cancer dont belong together

17 November 2023

Every year around christmas we donate money to a charitable organization. This year we donate to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for their work of eradicating childhood cancer.

Micropol signs new contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds

01 November 2023

Micropol Fiberoptic has signed a contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the delivery of field tactical fiber optic communication systems. The contract order is significant and includes deliveries until 2028.