Villapatch 1xSM SCUPC-LCUPC

Villapatch 1xSM SCUPC-LCUPC

Villapatch Simplex single mode is manufactured in 0.5-20 meter lengths. Pre-contracted with SCUPC-LCUPC contacts.

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Standard lenghts or customized solutions to your requirements

Patch cable, patchcord, interconnection cable or fiber cord. All our optical cabling is made in Sweden.

Regardless of length, type of fiber, choice of connectors or cable construction, we manufacture according to your wishes. We have the capacity to manufacture both large and small volumes, using our cables or specific ones provided by you if needed.

Fiber channels 1 Contact 1 SCUPC


Contact 2 LCUPC
Type Single-Mode Insertion loss <-0.3dB
Cable Simplex Return loss

APC >-60dB

UPC >-55dB

Package quantity