FALCON expanded beam connector approved for 40Gbit/s

Micropol Fiberoptic is pleased to announce the introduction of 40Gbit/s ability of the FALCON expanded beam connector. As far as known, the FALCON is the only expanded beam connector on the market that are approved to transfer 40Gbit/s over one channel.

FALCON expanded beam connector approved for 40Gbit/s

The increasing demand for fiber optics with more transmission capacity for use in harsh environments are driven by the need for more data to be transferred over longer distances. As an example, coaxial communication has limited ability to transfer e.g. high resolution radar pictures over longer distances.

The FALCON technology has been tested and approved by the Swedish Defence Material Administration and are in use by the Swedish Armed Forces since many years. The testing confirmed the robustness of the optical performance during environmental stress. The test confirming the 40Gbit/s ability, was performed by Swedish defence global Saab Group in 2021 and approved that the FALCON expanded beam technology can transfer 40Gbit/s over each channel, independent of using singlemode or multimode fiber. The secret lies in lens geometry and the processes used for fiber alignment. The combination offered by FALCON is powerful – the robustness of the expanded beam technology, transferring large data volumes.

For more information, please read our White Paper 2021/01 The Falcon technology approved for 40 Gbit/s data transfer.

Welcome Mathias Bergström

31 August 2022

Micropol Fiberoptic continues to grow and therefore we have strengthened our sales team with Mathias Bergström as Regional Sales Manager, Nordics.


13 June 2022

Micropol is pleased to have launched a new website with a lot of new features, where increased support to engineers and designers has been an important part. Look for yourself at the web or visit us at Eurosatory June 13-17 for a live demonstration.

Micropol extends contract with Biotage

06 May 2022

The Swedish and British medtech global Biotage has extended and increased its current contract with Micropol. The contract, which was first signed in 2017, will secure deliveries to the Biotage’s UK operations until mid-2023.